All our Love and Thanks for Nine Wonderful Years

In 2006, Habitat for Hope moved to Memphis to share the love and grace of Christ with families caring for a critically ill child. From 2006 to 2015 we were able to support over 700 families on a long-term basis, and touch thousands of others through projects and care.

For nine glorious years, the Holy Spirit blessed the work, and the Lord rested at 2041 Locke Cuba Road. We were all changed and made new by the families we cared for, the children we grew to love and by each other. Lifetime friendships were made and spirits were regenerated.

This work belongs to you: our families, our volunteers, our donors, our staff. Remember that Jesus will carry on to completion every work He begins in us. We can trust that God will continue the work He started in the way He sees fit.

We ask that you would continue to pray for the families, marriages, lives, and kids that are touched by critical illness - and pray for a cure!

In gratitude and thanksgiving,

Mark and Mylissa Horrocks