Moral Man and Immoral Society

Huge thanks to Andy Cornett for sharing an interview with author Richard Crouter on his new book on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. Niebuhr’s thoughts resound in our day as he clearly discerned the Christian faith and its relation to our politics and American behavior.

Thanks for sharing, Andy!

Soul Survivor – Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey’s book Soul Survivor highlights the lives of thirteen mentors that helped his faith survive the church. One such mentor was Dr. Paul Bland, co-author with Yancey on The Gift of Pain, In His Image, and Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Dr. Bland founded a leprosy center in Vellore, India named Karigiri. Dr. Bland stated, “I thank God for pain..I cannot think of a greater gift I could give my leprosy patients.” The pain system protects the human body from attack. He reminded Yancey that he treats a person, not a disease and that doing so was the true meaning of rehabilitation. After a visit to the leprosarium, Yancey concluded that it was unavoidable to learn about the infinite worth of human beings.

I was struck by Bland’s life and many others in Soul Survivor.  How they saw God’s people and their role as a Christian was inspiring to say the least. I often think about the people out “looking for God” or “trying to find themselves”. I wonder if they’ve ever tried serving the sick. God is there.